Buy These 3 High-Yield Stocks as Energy Prices Take Off
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may 21, 2018

Buy These 3 High-Yield Stocks as Energy Prices Take Off
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Each day it becomes clearer that the recovery in energy infrastructure stocks is underway.

This is a sector that has been out of favor with investors since the early months of 2015.

The continuing North American growth of crude oil and natural gas production is starting to be realized in the values of those companies that move energy products from the well head to the end user.

Investors now have more investment choices that do not come with the tax complicating Schedule K-1.

Up until the second half of 2014, the MLP sector was on a steep growth trajectory. MLPs handily outperformed the overall stock market.

At the end of 2014 and through the next year into early 2016 crude oil crashed. The crash also cracked the MLP business models, which turned out to be over leveraged.

As part of rebalancing their finances, a number of energy infrastructure companies decided the MLP model no longer was the right structure and either merged those partnerships with their corporate sponsors or began to offer parallel publicly traded businesses that reports taxes using IRS Form 1099.

One positive outcome is that investors now have a greater selection of 1099 reporting stocks to choose from.

Here are three such stocks with attractive yields - 5.0%, 7.5%, and 6.3% - and strong dividend growth prospects to consider for your portfolio.

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